Comprehensive Pipeline Analysis Capabilities

E2G provides many of our same life-cycle management services to pipeline and pipeline facilities. For pipeline Owners/Operators, a mechanical integrity program ensures safe, efficient and reliable operations. The following services and products are part of the total integrity management program for pipelines provided by E2G:

  • Fitness-For-Service (FFS) assessments of pipelines and related pipeline components, including determination damage mechanism identification
  • Design of pipeline corrosion mitigation systems and pipeline inspection programs
  • Assessment of pipelines in accordance with ASME Codes and 40 CFR Part 192 and 195
  • ILI data evaluation and interpretation
  • Suitability-For-Service (SFS) assessments on pipeline facility equipment that lack adequate documentation
  • Facility gap assessments, including terminal specific MI gap assessment (Terminal-Wise™) that can be used for regulated and un-regulated sites.
  • Engineering practices for pipelines and pipeline facilities, including a mechanical integrity framework that addressed pipeline facilities
  • Pressure relief system evaluation in terms of OSHA, DOT and ASME requirements
  • Pipeline facility risk management consulting

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