The next webinar in our #SubjectMatterExpert series will feature Phillip Prueter, P.E. presenting Leveraging #FitnessForService #ffs and Inspection Techniques to Manage the Risk Associated with #HighTemperatureHydrogenAttack on Thursday, March 21st at 2PM ET.

– #HTHA basics, terminology, and typical damage progression
– An overview of the recent advances in non-destructive examination #NDE methods catered towards detecting HTHA damage
– A case study of a C-0.5Mo hydrotreater reactor with potential HTHA damage and the analytical techniques leveraged to quantify the risk of continued operation
– Background information on C-0.5Mo material properties and susceptibility to HTHA
– How fracture mechanics-based minimum pressurization temperature #MPT guidance can minimize the risk for #BrittleFracture
– Practical run/repair/replace recommendations for mitigating failure risk in components with possible HTHA damage

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