We’re focused on developing technology to help you make the informed decisions that keep your facilities safe while also improving reliability. Learn about the ongoing functionality improvements coming to SagePlus™, the modernization of the Equity Engineering Practices (EEPs), and how we’re implementing a design thinking strategy into our software.

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SagePlusTM Part 3: Overview of Technical and Code Updates

Staying on top of the technical and code updates is key to making informed decisions. This article highlights changes coming to SagePlus™ that ensure you are following the latest ASME VIII-Div. 1 Mandatory Appendix 46 updates. Plus, you’ll read about the updates coming to the materials database.

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Equity Engineering Practices 2.0

Practices 2.0: Simplified Modern Interface

The Equity Engineering Practices (EEPs) continue to simplify the user experience with a new modern interface and enhanced search capabilities. This article outlines some of the latest features built into Practices 2.0 that make it easier to use, simpler to navigate, and faster to find documentation.

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Design Thinking to Improve User Experience

How does design affect the way you engage with software? Learn more about design thinking and the new initiative to improve your user experience by incorporating a design thinking strategy into E2G software. Plus, join the research panel and help us shape the future of our products.

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First-Ever SagePlusTM User Group 

We are excited to announce our first-ever SagePlus™ User Group! Join us for our 2021 Software User Group Meeting to be held September 13-15, 2021. We are pleased to share the latest developments for our SagePlus™ and API RBI software platforms over a day and a half of sessions.

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