2021 was an exciting year for the E2G software team! In September, we held a super user group meeting for API RBI and SagePlus where we shared the latest updates, improvements, and new capabilities with our user community. Plus, as part of our investment in technology and software development, we’ve restructured our software team to build the right products for you, to build them right the first time, to build them fast, and to deliver them via the web.

2021 SagePlus and API RBI User Group Round-Up

“Thanks, Equity, for being a great partner with us and to use this platform in updating and training us!” The September User Group Meetings were a great success – thank you to everyone who attended the 23 different sessions.

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E2G Software Team Changes: SaaS

To support future growth of our industry leading software products and reinforce our investment into technology, E2G has created a new Software as a Service team. Our goal is to continue delivering the best products to you while staying on top of industry changes.

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Case Study: Expanding Risk Based Inspection to the Design Stage

Risk-based Inspection (RBI) is a smarter way to make your plants safer and more reliable. Oftentimes, RBI programs are implemented before or after a turnaround. In this article, read how to counter that philosophy by integrating RBI principles into the design stage of a plant or facility.

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Previously Published

SagePlus: Preview of New FFS Assessment Capabilities

The long-awaited 3rd edition of the API 579-1/ASME FFS-1 (API 579) Fitness-For-Service (FFS) standard has finally been fully approved by the API/ASME FFS joint committee and, barring any unforeseen delays, it is scheduled to be published by the end of 2021. Overall, over 100 ballots were approved by the API/ASME FFS joint committee since the last publication in 2016.

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Dynamic Index: Practices 2.0 Filtered Indexes

The Practices 2.0 website has ushered in many new and improved changes. In versions 1.7 and 1.8, Equity Engineering Practices (EEPs) users had access to dynamic indexes. With Practices 2.0, we have migrated the dynamic index function and improved its capabilities and functions for our users.

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Expanding SAP Intelligent Asset Management with
Full API RBI 581 Methodology

The API RBI extension for SAP Intelligent Asset Management is the latest plug-in extension built for PlantManager™ software. The API RBI Extension links PlantManager™ to SAP Intelligent Asset Management by seamlessly transferring equipment and component asset data, allowing you to perform risk-based inspection (RBI) in compliance with API 581 (3rd edition), including the level 2 consequence calculation, and generate recommendations specific to your operation.

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Practices 2.0: Seamless Migration

E2G has been migrating our Equity Engineering Practices (EEPs) user community to our Practices 2.0. The evolution of the new website brings our EEP user community requests to the forefront and introduces several new features and enhancements.

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