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An Updated Guide Through the Maze of Refinery Damage Mechanisms

DamagePlus™ software, from E2G|The Equity Engineering Group, Inc., has been updated to the newest edition of API RP 571, Damage Mechanisms Affecting Fixed Equipment in the Refining Industry, 2nd Edition, April 2011.

With a technical basis in the updated API RP 571 and WRC 489, the new DamagePlus™ software is a quick reference guide that provides the following:

  • Guidance through the damage mechanism selection process
  • Help in selecting the best inspection method for each type of damage
  • Simplified Process Flow Diagrams (PFDs) that show where damage is likely to occur in a process unit
  • The complete API RP 571 document and all the tools you need for compliance – new information, updates, and corrections that are essential to helping you identify, understand, and analyze the potential damage mechanisms that can cause costly fixed equipment failure

New DamagePlus™ Features

  • Custom PFDs are now available – E2G corrosion engineers can create custom PFDs of your processes, with links to the active damage mechanisms on your equipment
  • New tools to facilitate compliance – Additional PFDs, new Damage Mechanisms, and individual Damage Mechanism drill downs on PFDs that link to QuickSolver details
  • Updated material references – An expanded specifications database (10,000 records, nearly 2.5 times larger), revised and expanded fired heater, and pump material data
  • Updated lookups – Improved and expanded steam table includes a graphic display option
  • Improved technology – Ensures compliance with modern computing platforms
  • Improved charting and printing capabilities

Experience DamagePlus™ for yourself.

Schedule a demonstration and receive a FREE trial of DamagePlus™

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