Last month, we introduced you to the new Equity Engineering Practices (EEPs) 2.0 operational excellence platform. Today, we’ll review the website’s simplified modern interface and how it enhances user experience. 

Each customized EEPs website hosts tons of content provided by E2G and the subscribing client. Accessing the content is easy with seamless interactions from page to page, and the user experience should be the same regardless of the device you are using.  

We’ve transformed the Home page into a user hub, with an easily accessible global search function. Search results are now displayed on the same page and are linked to located content.  Plus, the “Go To” search bar is visible at the top of every page so you can quickly find a specific EP or piping class.  User feedback from the previous website’s “Quick Find” search option helped guide these accessibility and convenience improvements. 

Dynamic content is displayed on the Home page user hub and features news updates, webinar details, client-driven news items or announcements, and links to additional resources (e.g., eeCloud, IHS Markit, Techstreet, etc.). EEPs subscribers can customize this content to provide quick access to frequently used resources, specific to their organization or users.  

The EEPs and all other content hosted on Practices 2.0 is presented in a menu-driven user interface. We reviewed existing menu items and reorganized them for consistency and ease of use, so you don’t spend time clicking through multiple locations to find information.  

  • “Help & Training” includes all content related to using the Practices 2.0 website (e.g., FAQs, Usage Guide, Training Videos).  
  • “EPs” provides all content related to your EEPs subscription (e.g., Indexes, Data Sheets, Deviations, Standard Drawings).  

When viewing a menu, users now have “Go Back” buttons and labeled page tabs to easily navigate from one menu item to the next.  The title line in each menu view helps improve navigations as you’ll always know where you are on the website. All menus are at the top of every page with dropdown lists itemizing the content in each section. 

To help users easily adapt to Practices 2.0, the overall user interface is similar to the previous versions of the Practices websites. The enhancements and organizational changes we’ve implemented provide consistency in how content is accessed for a quality user experience. 

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