Staff Engineer I

Years of Experience: 8

Education & Licenses:

  • Bachelor of Science, Chemical Engineering, 2012, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH

Areas of Specialization:

  • Risk-Based Inspection for Fixed Equipment, Piping, PRDs, Heat Exchanger Bundles, and Tanks using API 580/581
  • Pressure Relieving Systems
  • Heat Exchanger Tube Rupture and Pressure Transient Analysis
  • Pressure Relief Analysis and PRD Sizing
  • Storage Tank Design and Vent Sizing
  • Process Hazard Analysis and Remediation
  • API RBI Software Course Instructor
  • API RBI Software & Technical Support


Mr. Choi is a Risk-Based Inspection (RBI) and chemical engineer responsible for fixed equipment, piping, pressure relief devices, heat exchanger bundles, and atmospheric storage tank RBI evaluations throughout North America, Africa, and in the Middle East.  Along with being an instructor for E2G’s API RBI software, he provides training and mentorship for E2G’s international clients.

Mr. Choi is actively involved in development support of technology for the API RBI methodology.  In particular, he has supported updating and improving methodologies within API 581 for consequence analysis and heat exchanger bundles.

He also helps develop and implement RBI programs and has participated in updating and validating E2G’s proprietary software API RBI, which is the benchmark tool for RBI.

Mr. Choi has been involved in the update and validation of the API RBI Example Problem Manual as well.  This manual provides the extensive step-by-step calculations described in API 581 and implemented in E2G’s API RBI software.  His involvement with the development of both the API 581 methodology and the E2G PlantManager™ software provides in-depth knowledge of continuous research and development within both areas.

Mr. Choi has performed pressure transient analyses of liquid-filled refinery and transportation piping systems.  He has performed analyses of shell and tube heat exchangers for rupture of high-pressure side fluid into low-pressure side, and has sized and located required shellside or tubeside relief devices.  He is also involved in heat exchanger vibration and tube joint analyses as they relate to the tube rupture relieving scenario.

Mr. Choi performs engineering consulting services in the areas of Pressure Relief and Heat Transfer.  He is a specialist in the sizing and selection of pressure relief devices and relieving systems.

In addition, Mr. Choi also has chemical engineering experience in the fields of industrial and operations engineering and various manufacturing disciplines.  He has served as the project leader responsible for optimization of sanitization processes while involved in environment and health and safety (EHS) engineering.