Senior Engineer I

Years of Experience: 15

Education & Licenses:

  • B.S., Chemical Engineering, 2002, Universidad de Carabobo, Valencia, Venezuela
  • Colegio de Ingenieros de Venezuela, CIV 162,019

Areas of Specialization:

  • Oil Refining
  • Process Engineering
  • Conversion Units (FCC, HF Alkylation), Storage Tanks, Utilities


Mr. Sanabria is a senior engineer in the Process Tech group at E2G | The Equity Engineering Group, Inc.  His work at E2G thus far has included updating and providing customer support for EP-5-6-7 Steam traps, 5-6-8 Steam tracing, 7-2-3 Cyclone Systems for FCC Units, 11-1-1 Internal Insulating, and Refractory Linings, as well as starting an API STD 2000 “Venting Atmospheric and Low-Press Storage Tanks” latest edition changes analysis, with the purpose of updating training material and writing an article for E2G’s publication Industry Insights.  Mr. Sanabria has also performed some risk-based inspection (RBI)-related activities, including systemization/circuitization.

Prior to his position at E2G, Mr. Sanabria worked as the procurement manager (Fed 2016 – Jan 2018) for a Venezuelan company that specializes in oil and gas projects and refinery revamps.  During that time, Mr. Sanabria managed the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics GP in a six-month period, structuring the procurement process by categorizing 450+ articles and 220+ providers.  He created 10+ custom “smart lists” to reduce the search time of key information for other managers and directors.  In addition, he collaborated with the financial team to properly account for each project’s costs with >99% case accuracy, as per 2017 closing review.

Mr. Sanabria also worked as the process engineering supervisor at PDVSA El Palito Refinery in Venezuela (Nov 2014 – Feb 2016).  Among other responsibilities, he successfully participated and concluded in the evaluation and selection process for the new FCC Catalyst among three major worldwide providers.

Prior to his position as supervisor, Mr. Sanabria worked as a process engineer at PDVSA El Palito Refinery in Venezuela (Jul 2003 – Oct 2014) for 4 years in conversion units for gasoline and LPG production (FCC, Alkylation), 3.5 years in utilities and products storage, and 4 years in design and projects.  As a process engineer, Mr. Sanabria was a key contributor in the technical team, leading two major turnarounds of the refinery (one of which included a significant FCC/Alky capacity increase in its scope), which involved conducting the P&ID as-built review and all commissioning procedures for the units’ modifications in equipment’s internals and lines.  He also participated in a multi-discipline team to troubleshoot and solve an FCC Regenerator refractory failure related to catalyst losses due to internals alterations.

While in college, Mr. Sanabria conducted an investigation involving the synthesis and evaluation of a polymer to control bentonite clay in well-perforation drilling muds.  The molecular weight of the obtained polymer was determined by viscosity methods and was quantitatively correlated to its effect over a bentonite suspension rheology.  The lab work went from zero procedure to a developed procedure to synthesize the copolymer, using the Japanese framework proposed by Dr. Taguchi, reducing the number of experiments from 2187 to 36 and  controlling seven variables in three different levels.  This work received “high honors mention” by the university’s evaluating committee and was recommended to be published in its technical papers.