Engineer II

Years of Experience: 3

Education & Licenses:

  • B.S., Chemical Engineering, University of Tulsa, Tulsa, OK
  • Engineer-in-Training

Areas of Specialization:

  • Risk-Based Inspection Project Management of both New Implementation and Reassessment Risk-Based Inspection projects
  • Performing Risk-Based Inspection Assessments on Fixed Equipment, Tanks, and Piping
  • Generating Inspection Plans Based on API RBI Codes and Standards
  • Usage of API RBI Software (v8 and PlantManager™ v9 and v10) and PCMS Software
  • API RBI and PlantManager™ Software Training
  • On-Site Risk-Based Inspection Consultation and QA/QC Validation of API RBI Databases
  • On-Site Risk-Based Inspection Evergreening of API RBI Databases


Mr. Rivers has been extensively involved in managing and supporting a variety of both new Risk-Based Inspection (RBI) implementations and reassessments for refineries and chemical plants.  He has been trained in the methodology and implementation of API 580 and 581 and is proficient in the use of E2G’s API RBI PlantManager™ Software v9 and v10.  He also has experience using E2G’s DamagePlus™ module to identify a vessel’s susceptibility to different types of damage mechanisms.

Mr. Rivers has been responsible for managing RBI projects for fixed equipment and piping from the initial meeting to issuing final deliverables, a process which includes scheduling meetings; interacting with inspections, operations, materials, and engineering personnel at the client site; collecting mechanical, operational, and historical inspection data; assisting with systems and circuits; assigning temperatures, pressures, and fluids; grading histories; presenting inspection plans to clients; and finalizing reports.  He also has experience performing on-site consultation doing evergreening, QA/QC validation of client databases, and educating site personnel on RBI methodology and software functionality.

In addition, he has taught several PlantManager™ (v9 & v10) and API RBI (v8) software training courses to representatives from refineries and chemical facilities all over the world and is currently working on becoming an API 520/521 PRD Sizing Trainer.