by Anthony J. Feller / Michael F.P. Bifano, Ph.D., P.E. / Jan 01, 2020

We find your vibration problems before they find you.

Vibration problems are often identified by operators when observable at eye-level or after a failure has occurred. E2G’s Vibration Risk-Based Inspection (VRBI) service performs a comprehensive vibration risk evaluation assessment of your entire facility to prevent failures before they occur.

As process plants continually push to increase through-put, vibration fatigue can be a common form of piping failures. Small-bore connections (SBCs) to instrumentation, o-let or sock-o-let style piping tee connections, and even small, but nonetheless unimportant, fretting and hole-through damage of tubing, are the most familiar. The severity of these occurrences typically depends on the consequence of failure in terms of either financial losses or, most importantly, injury or loss of life. (EEPub140)

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