Jan 01, 2017

Michael Nugent and Tim Armitt presented State-of-the Art Prediction and NDE Techniques for High Temperature Hydrogen Attack in Piping and Equipment Paper 43 at the 2017 API Inspection Summit.

Below is a an abstract of their presentation:

High Temperature Hydrogen Attack (HTHA) continues as a major issue in the refining and Petrochemical Industry since the 1930s. The recent changes in API 941 (“Nelson Curves”) 8 th. Edition have a significant impact on Owner Users and will be presented in light of increasing amounts of piping and equipment that now may be considered susceptible to HTHA.

An overview and update of Prediction and NDT methods for HTHA inspection illustrating the strengths and limitations of various methods will be presented. Some of the findings of the multinational HTHA JIP that evaluated multiple vendors using a variety of methods on a test bed of HTHA-damaged ex-service components will be highlighted along with a discussion of the detectability of the various forms of damage using different test methods.

The presentation will highlight combinations of existing UT technology designed for this purpose for field applications. The results will be compared to the existing state-of-the-art techniques in a side by side comparison examination of ex-service components (e.g. pipe, fittings, flanges, etc.) with HTHA damage ranging from mild to extremely damaged or failed.  (EPub243)