by Valerie Magyari / Feb 01, 2006

Valerie Magyari presented Pressure Relief System Developments in the Next Decade at the 10th Annual IPEIA (formerly NPEC) Conference.

Below is a brief outline of his presentation:

  • Introduction
  • Recent trends in industry standards related to the design, installation and inspection of pressure relieving systems
    • Less prescriptive
    • Use of Risk assessment
    • Places more responsibility on the User
  • Use of system design in place of providing pressure relief devices in accordance with proposed modifications to ASME
  • Code UG-140 (Code Case 2211)
  • ASME Code Appendix M modifications related to use of isolation valves in pressure relief path
  • Use of Risk Based Inspection (RBI) to set intervals for testing, inspecting and overhauling pressure relief devices
  • Detailed review of the API RBI PRD Module
  • Summary

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