by Robert C. Davis, P.E. / May 01, 2019

SIMFLEX-III incorporates all the features and advantages gained through almost 40 years of development since the original SIMFLEX program was released in 1980, while adding new, web-based features for model and results visualization and graphical results plotting, as well as the expertise and experience of E²G’s subject matter experts (SMEs) and software team. SIMFLEX-III maintains the once-through process that has always been a feature of the SIMFLEX software, allowing spring support design; multiple thermal conditions; code compliance reporting with automated load case definition; rotating equipment compliance checks; anchor and support load combination reporting; dynamic analysis; and evaluation of non-linear effects from single-acting restraints, soil interaction, and support friction to be accomplished with a single analysis run using a single, easy-to-edit text-based input file.