by Charles H. Panzarella, Ph.D. / Daniel W. Spring, Ph.D. / Aug 24, 2017

E2G has recently released its new Hot Tapping assessment software as one of dozens of new applications that are currently available for purchase on E2G’s recently debuted cloud-based engineering software platform, The Equity Engineering Cloud (EEC). This is a significant upgrade from older versions of our hot tapping software, from both a technical and a user interface perspective.

Most important is the ability to now run hot tap assessments on the cloud through a very convenient web-based interface that requires no software installation on your computer. Just log into our new website with your email and password on your desktop, phone, or tablet, and you are ready to go. The new software evaluates the risk of hot tapping by considering two potential failure mechanisms: cold cracking and burn-through. A new method of evaluating cracking based upon a custom hardness approach has been added, and it is also now possible to have the software automatically predict ranges of safe welding parameters rather than having to enter each case by hand.

During this webinar, the background of this model will be discussed and the user will be guided through the new software interface.