by Charles H. Panzarella, Ph.D. / Ryan Jones, P.Eng. / Dec 01, 2015

If you have a coke drum, you may or may not be in a smiling mood. Coke Drums can be a very severe operation that leads to a lot of cracking, distortion, and headaches. On the flip side, they are also integral parts to generating revenue at a refinery with the ability to break down heavy crudes. Much of the focus in industry has been on measuring physical aspects of these drums (e.g., temperature, strain, laser scanning), but not as much attention has gone into figuring out exactly what to do withthis information. E2G has developed some unique methods for extracting as much useful information out of this data as possible and is incorporating this information into damage models that can predict the rate of damage accumulation for different proposed operating scenarios. This information, when coupled with a suitable costbenefit financial analysis, can help to determine the optimal scenario for balancing production with maintenance in order to maximize profit.


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