by Phillip E. Prueter, P.E. / Jul 15, 2012

Phillip Prueter presented Finite Element Based Analysis of Bolted Joints Under Extreme Loading Conditions at the ASME 2012 Pressure Vessels & Piping Division Conference.

Below is a brief outline of his presentation:

  • An analysis of a bolted joint subjected to extreme conditions (overpressure conditions) is discussed
    • Useful in assessing safety of equipment under extremely unlikely accidental scenarios
    • Useful in limiting the amount of leakage when the process fluids pose a risk to humans
  • ASME Section VIII Div.1 – Appendix – 2 recommends the calculation of rigidity index
    • Rigidity index < 1.0 implies no leakage
    • Not meant to be used beyond design pressure conditions
    • Based on elastic assumptions
    • Cannot be used for leakage rate estimations
  • An analysis of a heat exchanger subjected to a postulated overpressure event is presented herein
    • Simulation of an overpressure event using FEA
    • Estimation of leakage rate
    • Comparison of FEA results with ASME rigidity calculations