by Renée L. Downie / Dec 01, 2015

The increased focus on mechanical integrity (MI) from jurisdictions and operating facilities has prompted the development of two new API documents. API RP 970, currently under development, will provide a work process and standardized approach to develop Corrosion Control Documents (CCDs). A CCD incorporates knowledge of the unit operation, equipment inspection histories, and the damage mechanisms specific to the unit. A CCD enhances MI by documenting the specifics of managing degradation on a unit for operations, technical, inspection, and integrity personnel. API RP 584 – Integrity Operating Windows (IOWs) – provides a work process for the development and implementation of IOWs. IOWs strengthen the MI program for each process unit. IOWs are typically included in a CCD, or they can be developed as a separate smaller study.  (EEPub023)