by Kraig S. Shipley, P.E. / Jul 17, 2011

Reactors of cyclic catalytic reformers require catalyst regeneration about every 7 days (∼50 cycles per year). To facilitate the in situ regeneration, large diameter motor operated valves (MOV) are used (typically Class 600 NPS 8 to NPS 16 API 600 gate block valves). Double block-n-bleed arrangements of the MOVs are used to assure isolation of the 350 psig 960°F process and regeneration media. The regeneration MOVs will be closed and in isolation for up to 4 days and can reach temperatures close to ambient depending on their distance from the process flow. Once the MOVs are swung open, the valve body quickly transitions from ambient temperature to 960°F over a matter of minutes. Such an extreme thermal shock has historically led to a number of cracks in the MOV valve bodies. With each unit having over 50 MOVs, it becomes expensive and time consuming to open every MOV at a scheduled turnaround, inspect, and repair any cracking noticed.

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