by Daniel W. Spring, Ph.D. / Jun 01, 2018

The latest product offering from E2G is a suite of Fitness-For-Service (FFS) tools for pipelines available through the Equity Engineering Cloud (EEC). Each part of API 579/ASME FFS is included as a separate Web Tool, representing a complete FFS solution. The API 579/ASME FFS for Pipelines suite of the Web Tools platform contains two tiers: professional and expert. The professional tier contains key parts of the API 579/ASME FFS document applicable to pipelines and includes Levels 1 and 2 assessment capabilities, while the expert tier includes all parts of the document and an additional capability to perform Level 3 analysis for Part 3 Brittle Fracture and Part 14 Fatigue.

This webinar begins with a brief primer on FFS and an overview of the history of API 579/ASME FFS before transitioning into a demo of the API 579/ASME FFS for Pipelines suite.