by Phillip E. Prueter, P.E. / Jul 20, 2014

Modeling of cyclic elastic-plastic material behavior (hardening) has been widely identified as a critical factor in the finite element (FE) simulation of weld residual stresses. The European Network on Neutron Techniques Standardization for Structural Integrity (NeT) Project has provided in recent years both standard test cases for simulation and measurement, as well as comprehensive material characterization. This has allowed the role of hardening in simulation predictions to be isolated and critically evaluated as never before possible. The material testing information is reviewed, and isotropic, nonlinear kinematic and combined hardening models are formulated and tested. Particular emphasis is placed on material model selection for general fitness-for-service assessments, as it relates to the guidance for weld residual stress (WRS) in flaw assessments of in-service equipment in Annex E of the FFS standard, API 579-1/ASME FFS-1.

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