by Phillip E. Prueter, P.E. / Jul 19, 2015

Phillip Prueter presented A Comparison of Design by Analysis Techniques for Evaluating Nozzle-to-Shell Junctions per ASME Section VIII Division 2 at the ASME Pressure Vessels & Piping Conference.

Below is a brief outline of his presentation:

  • Part 5 of ASME Section VIII Division 2 offers several design by analysis (DBA) techniques for evaluating pressure retaining equipment for Code compliance using detailed computational stress analysis results.
  • These procedures can be used to check components for protection against multiple failure modes including plastic collapse, local failure, buckling, and cyclic loading.
  • In particular, this study investigates the use of these methods for evaluating nozzle-to-shell junctions subjected to internal pressure and nozzle end loads.
    • Specifically, elastic stress analysis, limit load analysis, and elastic-plastic stress analysis are utilized to check for protection against plastic collapse, and computational results for a given load case are compared.
  • Additionally, the twice elastic slope method for evaluating protection against plastic collapse is utilized as an alternate failure criterion to supplement elastic-plastic analysis results.
  • The goal of these comparisons is to highlight the difference between elastic stress checks and the non-linear analysis methodologies outlined in ASME Section VIII Division 2.
  • Finally, commentary on the applicability of performing the Code-mandated check for protection against ratcheting for vessels that do not operate in cyclic service is provided.

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