by Philip A. Henry, P.E. / Dec 15, 2015

In this webinar Philip Henry, P.E. ,the task force chairman of API 520 since 1996, will discusses the 3% Rule updates that are provided in API 520, Part II “Sizing, Selection, and Installation of Pressure Relieving Systems” released in March 2015. This has been a costly issue at times for Owner/Users as they have been levied costly fines associated with unmitigated pressure drops in excess of 3%.

We will focus on answering the pressing question: Why all the fuss about these changes? This will also offer insight into why Owner/Users should perform an engineering analysis as presented in API 520, Part II to determine if it is necessary to spend capital dollars rerouting or replacing inlet piping to PRVs to mitigate a 3% issue.

This webinar was hosted and recorded on Tuesday, Dec 15th 2015.