API RBI is E2G | The Equity Engineering Group, Inc.’s API-branded software for optimizing inspection activity based on risk. API RBI is the industry’s only quantitative tool available that is fully compliant with API RP 581, including the most recent updates.

API RBI was originally developed as an API-sponsored joint-industry project to implement the recommended procedures and quantitative calculations for Risk-Based Inspection (RBI) as defined in API RP 581. Today, API RBI is developed and maintained by E2G’s experts and is the industry’s only fully compliant API 581 calculator. Similarly, the process industry has managed inspection activity using Inspection Data Management Systems (IDMS).

As RBI programs become more prevalent, the inefficiency of maintaining data in separate RBI and IDMS systems became more apparent. E2G and MISTRAS have formed an alliance to solve problems just like this. This collaboration has created a best-in-class integrated solution to help you advance, accelerate, and communicate plant leadership initiatives to reduce risk.

  • Leverage PCMS data for RBI analysis, including design information to calculate Tmin
  • Logically identify CML readings entered in PCMS to provide measured thickness credit to a component 
  • Homogeneously integrate archived inspection histories entered in PCMS
  • Integrate RBI planning into inspection schedules to effectively manage risk threshold and refocus inspection efforts to the highest risk areas
  • Automatically calculate updated RBI intervals after capturing inspection data, design information, operating conditions, and risk factors to ensure an evergreen RBI program

The combination of E2G’s API RBI software with PCMS’ plant data provides a comprehensive platform for effectively managing the mechanical integrity of plant equipment. With all your information in one central location, the integrated tool delivers high-value joint solutions to advance plant management initiatives and optimize maintenance spend.

If you’d like to learn more about the MISTRAS PCMS and API RBI collaboration, please watch the January 2021 webinar.

Symposium 2021 Recap 

E2G held the 3rd annual Fitness-For-Service, Mechanical Integrity, & Reliability Symposium February 17-18, 2021. During this two-day event, several E2G SaaS products were referenced and used in presentations to illustrate technical examples. Stephanie Dux and Kraig Shipley  presented the use of SIMFLEX-III for MAT assessments. Robert Davis gave an overview of the IntelliJoint software. Jim Olson spoke about the Equity Engineering Practices (EEPs) during the mechanical integrity presentation.  


Jeremy Janelle highlighted SagePlus  software updates and demonstrated new features that will be included in a major release later this year, including:  

  • User interface enhancements, including real-time graphics display exportable to FEA formats, new design enhancements, data input reorganization, simultaneous calculations for easy hide/show result tabs, and output results summary updates 
  • Support for the new Mandatory Appendix 46 in ASME Section 8 and other code changes 
  • Additional calculation reports for all code design modules 
  • New custom reports saved as pdf, doc, or text file formats   

All sessions were recorded and will be available mid-March. If you are interested in more information on the Symposium or to request access to a presentation, please contact Support Services.

PlantManager™: Report Sheets

In December 2020, the latest PlantManager™ 4.1  release introduced Report Sheets which replace the static Microsoft Excel Summary Sheets. This update allows users to create or update Report Sheets to include custom content and export Report Sheets, with chosen PlantManager™ data, into MS Excel.

Custom MS Excel templates are used to define what data will be included from PlantManager™. Users can create and add their own templates to PlantManager™ using available samples and documentation. Labels, design, and formatting are all configured in MS Excel, allowing reports to utilize all the available formatting options.

To run the reports:

  • Right-click on the appropriate equipment or group such as the plant or unit
  • Select Report Sheets from the right-click menu
  • Choose the report from the list of items

This significant upgrade in user functionality was accomplished without additional PlantManager™ updates, nor does it require installation of any E2G ancillary software. By default, PlantManager™ is now packaged with Report Sheet templates that match the original Summary Sheets.

Note: The Report Sheets feature is currently only available to users who license API RBI in PlantManager™ 4.1. Users who license both SagePlus™ and API RBI in PlantManager™ will be able to access the Report Sheets feature in the next major release of SagePlus™.