Joint leakage is an expensive problem, but it need not be accepted as part of plant operations and the cost of doing business.

E2G’s IntelliJoint software offers a total solution to bolted joint leakage that can immediately reduce maintenance expenditure and improve safety.

  • Eliminate downtime from problem joints
  • Avoid the expense and damage of improper remediation
  • Improve the safety of your personnel
  • Receive EPA credits
  • Avoid costly leak-sealing and/or joint clamping operations
  • Overall, keep your operations running safely and smoothly

IntelliJoint can be used as a repository for all critical bolted flanged joint data and leakage
solutions for your plant, putting everything in one place for a one-stop solution:

  • Joint Assembly Best Practices (time & effort reduction, improved performance)
  • On-line Leak Repair
  • Engineering (gasket selection, bolt load selection, troubleshooting)


The upcoming release will be delivered via the cloud meaning its users can expect the following:

  • Access to data from any web-enabled device
  • No installation – no maintenance hassles – ever
  • Instant access to updates and improvements

Data Organization

Rather than organizing Joints in a hierarchical manner (e.g. unit->equipment->component),
this version of IntelliJoint enables users to assign various “tags” to Joints which provides a more
robust way of organizing their data. For example, a piping joint can be tagged with “Outlet Piping”,
but also “Fall Turn Around” or “High Priority”.

Joint Optimization

After entering the requisite information for each joint component, IntelliJoint’s Joint Optimization tool can be used to perform the following:

  • Compare the performance of various gasket styles or manufacturers
  • Determine the best gasket for the specific application
  • Estimate the optimal assembly bolt stress that both ensures adequate sealing and avoids damage to the joint components
  • Visualize the amount of gasket stress that is lost due to internal pressure, thermal gradients, and creep relaxation
  • Optimize the gasket dimensions
  • Troubleshoot existing gasket configurations and determine the effectiveness of proposed leak fixes

Technical Basis

The analysis implemented by IntelliJoint combines procedures outlined the following in technical publications:

  • ASME PCC-1
  • WRC 510
  • WRC 538

The material properties used for the flange and bolt components are determined based on the applicable ASME B&PV Code documents. The gasket material properties were established based on the ASME PVP paper “Determination of the Mechanical and Thermal Properties of Selected Gasket Types” by Brown et al.

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