With a technical basis in API RP 571 and WRC 489, Damage for the web is an invaluable reference guide for identifying and understanding the potential damage mechanisms that can cause costly fixed equipment failure. Similar to the desktop version, the heart of Damage for the web is the Solver. By selecting filter criteria (process unit, material, operating temperature, source and morphology), the Solver will quickly identify the possible damage mechanisms from the complete list defined in API 571, highlighting the most likely mechanisms for the selected criteria. The list of damage mechanisms is hyperlinked to the section of the 571 document pertaining to that mechanism. The document is presented in accordion format for mobile-friendly viewing and includes image links for appearance or morphology of damage.

A comprehensive Material look up reference tool for specifications, chemistry, hardness, fired heater limits, weld and pump materials is available. Process Flow Diagrams may be accessed from a pull down menu or from the Solver. Damage mechanisms shown on the PFDs are hyperlinked to the relevant 571 section. In addition to the calculators for sulfidation, H2S corrosion, and oxidation found in the desktop version, there are additional API 581-compatible susceptibility calculators for amine, sulfide stress, and caustic cracking.

Damage Web has been updated to the newest edition of API RP 571, Damage Mechanisms Affecting Fixed Equipment in the Refining Industry, 3rd Edition.

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Damage Features

Reference guide for identifying and understanding potential damage mechanisms, including:

  • Damage Mechanism Solver
  • Material lookup reference
  • Process flow diagrams
  • Corrosion loops
  • Industry standard calculators

Damage New Features



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