Materials & Corrosion – Our engineers have hands-on experience with owner-users and industry service companies. We know plant environments and can offer practical advice along with timely solutions you can trust. With a combined 350+ years of experience, there aren’t many corrosion problems we haven’t encountered.

Advanced Analysis for the Nuclear Industry – E2G performs nuclear design analysis for the evaluation of in-service equipment and structures, and as consultants to manufacturers in the construction of new equipment. Our nuclear quality assurance program meets all applicable ASME NQA-1 and 10 CFR 50 Appendix B requirements.

Advanced Stress Analysis – E2G performs stress analysis for the evaluation of in-service equipment and structures, and as consultants to manufacturers in the construction of new equipment. Building on the methods outlined in Part 5 of the ASME Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code Section VIII, Division 2 and API 579-1/ASME FFS-1, E2G is able to simulate and evaluate many different equipment conditions and loadings.

Computational Fluid Dynamics – E2G has been providing significant value to its customers using advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modeling techniques appropriately in solving complicated flow related problems. CFD is particularly useful when design correlations are not available; however, CFD can also be used effectively to remove conservatism associated with the existing design correlations. Cost savings can be significant when CFD is added to Fitness-For-Service analyses or new component designs.

High-Temperature Solutions – E2G has in-depth experience in evaluating the suitability-for-service of components operating in the high temperature range. Our involvement in joint industry programs sponsored by the MPC (Materials Properties Council) Project Omega for creep damage evaluation, and MolyHy for assessment of HTHA (High Temperature Hydrogen Attack) gives us special expertise in state-of-the-art technologies for equipment assessment.

Pressure Relief Devices – Properly functioning PRDs are considered to be the critical “Layer of Protection” for pressurized systems; they are essential for avoiding unexpected overpressure events, equipment damage, loss of containment, and plant shutdowns.

Civil/Structural Analysis – E2G’s innovative structural design and integrity assessments can help optimize equipment availability, make repair-replace decisions that ensure stability and continued safety, improve performance, and avoid unnecessary repairs or replacements that may stem from a perception of structural inadequacy.

Flange Evaluation & Optimization – Today’s technology makes it possible for every joint to be sealed permanently. No one should accept the lost dollars from joint leakage or assembly procedures as normal operating cost. Most standard solutions don’t consider the “total joint” when assessing problems, providing only assembly-focused, gasket-focused, or analysis-focused solutions.

Equipment-Specific Solutions – From tube life assessments for heaters/furnaces to seismic analyses for tanks to general repairs and maintenance, E2G has an equipment-specific solution for you.

Process Design & Simulations – The role of pressure drop calculations is vital in evaluating process safety management and mechanical integrity.


Damage for the Web is an invaluable reference guide for identifying and understanding the potential damage mechanisms that can cause costly fixed equipment failure.

eecMaterials Suite

SagePlus is a collection of analysis tools developed by E2G that runs in the PlantManager™ platform, allowing users to evaluate the design and in-service conditions of fixed pressure equipment. The software is organized in a series of packages targeting specific types of analysis functions.

DamagePlus – With a technical basis in API RP 571 and WRC 489, Damage for the web is an invaluable reference guide for identifying and understanding the potential damage mechanisms that can cause costly fixed equipment failure.


E2G is the recognized leader on aging infrastructure service and support for the oil and gas industry.  E2G significantly invests its resources in the committees that drive our industry, specifically, the American Petroleum Institute (API) and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). It is the investment of our professional staff and our continued commitment to API and ASME Committees that provide us with a unique opportunity to preserve the quality and reputation of the oil and gas industry through educational programs and publication and presentation of technical reports that align with our core values of sharing knowledge and transferring expertise.

API University is dedicated to providing excellence in oil and gas industry training. E2G has a contract with API to deliver training programs for Fitness-For-Service (FFS), Risk-Based Inspection (RBI), Damage Mechanisms in the Refining Industry, and Pressure Relieving Systems. The practical knowledge gained from API University training enables participants to maintain professional competency and meet the ever-changing statutory requirements.

E2G Technical Institute(ETI) offers specialized training courses in the areas of pressure equipment (pressure vessels, piping, and tankage), materials and corrosion, welding, instrumentation/controls, and our proprietary PlantManager™ software.  Leveraging our professional staff’s experience and involvement on many of industry’s relevant API and ASME committees, E2G has developed these specialized training courses that not only provide the fundamentals, but also offer our unique perspective from both a design and in-service standpoint using the Life-Cycle Management philosophy.

Customizable On-site Engineering Training provides you with maximum flexibility and affordability. Bring a course to your location, eliminate costly travel expenses, and set your own schedule.  Don’t miss this opportunity to learn the latest information from expert instructors.

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