The Rotating Equipment, Vibration, and Dynamics Team specializes in fitness-for-service analysis of piping vibration/structural vibration problems, pulsation evaluations, rotating equipment diagnostics/troubleshooting and rotating equipment design reviews.   We offer comprehensive solutions from on-site data collection and trouble-shooting to equipment redesigns.  We support rotating equipment groups with expert turnaround services such as developing critical machinery work scopes, providing technical support for machinery overhauls, and offering third-part shop inspection support.

We are a member of the API 579 task group authoring updated rules for piping vibration screening and fatigue evaluations.  We our working with multiple industry leaders, from competitors to owner/users to develop the best standard possible to address piping vibration concerns.

Field Data Acquisition
Computational Fluid Dynamics
Piping Vibration Evaluations
Pulsation Analysis

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