Brittle Fracture Screening – E2G provides a comprehensive screening program for pressure vessels, piping, and storage tanks. The program is consistent with the API 579-1/ASME FFS-1 Fitness-for-Service methodologies to assess the susceptibility to catastrophic brittle fracture failures.

GA-PASS – The E2G MI gap assessment process evaluates the current state of the MI program at your facility (refinery, petrochemical, mid-stream, or upstream). E2G uses a proprietary tool, GA-PASS™, for gathering MI information and tracking gap findings, recommendations for mitigating findings, recommendations for continuous improvements, and performance against industry best practice.

RAGAGEP Auditing – E2G understands the struggle of determining the appropriate RAGAGEP for your facility. We’ve participated in the API standards writing process since 1990 as part of the Pressure Relieving Subcommittee, and we have performed numerous pressure relief systems design calculations and conducted audits for existing facilities.

Civil/Structural Analysis – E2G’s innovative structural design and integrity assessments can help optimize equipment availability, make repair-replace decisions that ensure stability and continued safety, improve performance, and avoid unnecessary repairs or replacements that may stem from a perception of structural inadequacy.

Rotating Equipment – E2G can provide clients with a wide range of rotating equipment support services. From initial specification through commissioning support on capital projects to troubleshooting machinery problems and recommending upgrades and/or modifications to address an issue.

Vibration Measurement

Heat Exchanger Tubes Rupture Analysis – The 6th Edition of API STD 521 provides information on the design of overpressure protection of heat exchangers for the tube rupture scenario. E2G|The Equity Engineering Group Inc.‘s Process Technologies Unit can provide consulting services in this complex area.

Equipment Design & Repair – E2G has extensive experience in the design, specification, and optimization of pressurized equipment, including pressure vessels, piping, heat exchangers, furnaces, and storage tanks. E2G provides guidance regarding solutions to complex problems in order to maximize reliability and profitability, considering all aspects of the overall equipment life-cycle.

Equipment-Specific Solutions – From tube life assessments for heaters/furnaces to seismic analyses for tanks to general repairs and maintenance, E2G has an equipment-specific solution for you.

Relief System & Flare Header Analysis – Clients contact E2G to evaluate process equipment overpressure protection, relief device sizing, and flare header hydraulics. Based on thorough review, our engineers can ensure that clients’ relief systems are designed in accordance with RAGAGEP and documentation meets the requirements of OSHA PSM Legislation 1910.119.

Risk-Based Inspection Implementation & Ongoing Program Management – As plants are facing stricter regulatory requirements, they still need to control costs and maintain equipment reliability. Through the inspection planning process, an ongoing API RP 581 program enables plant management to maintain a managed-risk and cost-effective operating environment.

Process Design & Simulation – The role of pressure drop calculations is vital in evaluating process safety management and mechanical integrity. E2G has extensive knowledge and experience in performing pressure drop calculations on various types of projects.

Pipeline Relief Device Integrity – For pipeline Owner/Operators, adequately designed, installed, and maintained pressure relieving systems (and their documentation) should be a critical part of a mechanical integrity program. Good engineering practices stress that a relief device integrity program be established.

Relief System Studies QA/QC Program – Adequately designed, installed, and maintained Pressure Relieving Systems and their documentation are a critical part of a facility’s Process Safety Management program. E2G offers assurance of compliance with OSHA, DOT, API, and ASME requirements by using generally accepted good engineering practices for overpressure protection in industry facilities.


SIMFLEX-III offers accuracy, productivity, and reliability in a fast and easy-to-use software package. SIMFLEX-III maintains the once-through process, allowing the code compliance analysis, spring design, rotating equipment load compliance report, anchor and support load combination table, limit-stop, and friction inclusion to be done with a single set-up of input data in a single computer run.

eecFatigueAnalysis Suite focuses on damage assessments, data analysis, and probability of failure based on methods found in API 579/ASME FFS-1 Fitness-For-Service and ASME Section VIII Div 2 Design codes and methods.

PlantManager delivers API RBI and SagePlus™. Capable of running locally on the desktop or in enterprise client-server configuration, the four-tier architecture of PlantManager™ provides a scalable, flexible solution to connect unlimited servers, databases, calculators, and clients.

SagePlus is a collection of analysis tools developed by E2G that allows users to evaluate the design and in-service conditions of fixed pressure equipment. The software is organized in a series of packages targeting specific types of analysis functions.

API RBI software is the only API-branded RBI software product because we are committed to fully supporting the RBI technology as documented in API RP 581. API RBI technology uses a true risk-based interval. The software offers the option to set a maximum interval and recommends re-evaluation of the RBI study at a minimum of every 10 years.


E2G is the recognized leader on aging infrastructure service and support for the oil and gas industry.  E2G significantly invests its resources in the committees that drive our industry, specifically, the American Petroleum Institute (API) and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). It is the investment of our professional staff and our continued commitment to API and ASME Committees that provide us with a unique opportunity to preserve the quality and reputation of the oil and gas industry through educational programs and publication and presentation of technical reports that align with our core values of sharing knowledge and transferring expertise.

API University is dedicated to providing excellence in oil and gas industry training. E2G has a contract with API to deliver training programs for Fitness-For-Service (FFS), Risk-Based Inspection (RBI), Damage Mechanisms in the Refining Industry, and Pressure Relieving Systems. The practical knowledge gained from API University training enables participants to maintain professional competency and meet the ever-changing statutory requirements.

E2G Technical Institute(ETI) offers specialized training courses in the areas of pressure equipment (pressure vessels, piping, and tankage), materials and corrosion, welding, instrumentation/controls, and our proprietary PlantManager™ software.  Leveraging our professional staff’s experience and involvement on many of industry’s relevant API and ASME committees, E2G has developed these specialized training courses that not only provide the fundamentals, but also offer our unique perspective from both a design and in-service standpoint using the Life-Cycle Management philosophy.

Customizable On-site Engineering Training provides you with maximum flexibility and affordability. Bring a course to your location, eliminate costly travel expenses, and set your own schedule.  Don’t miss this opportunity to learn the latest information from expert instructors.

E2G Help Desk Services

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