In addition to our primary focus which is directed at relief system analysis, E2G|The Equity Engineering Group, Inc. can provide assistance in a wide range of process design applications, utilizing industry-accepted software:

Aspen-Hysys Process Simulation Software

E2G has a current license to utilize the Aspen-Hysys Process Simulation Software. E2G can offer the following services:

  • Verifying or generating heat and material balances
  • Simulating proposed changes to the process design to determine impact on existing equipment
  • Troubleshooting or determining processing bottlenecks and limitations
  • Determining relieving requirements for complex overpressure protection systems
  • Performing pressure drop calculations (including 2-phase flow)

Heat Transfer Research Institute (HTRI) Heat Exchanger Analysis Software

Additionally, E2G actively utilizes the HTRI Heat Exchanger Analysis Software. E2G can offer the following services:

  • Design of heat exchangers
  • Troubleshooting heat exchanger performance problems
  • Performing vibration analysis, especially for determination of tube rupture likelihood

Specific Unit Operations Experience

Also, E2G engineers have specific experience in the following unit operations and can provide technical input regarding their design and operation:

  • Hydrotreating operations
  • Fluidized Catalytic Cracking Units
  • Fired heaters

E2G Help Desk Services

Our Help Desk IT specialists and engineers are available for questions about all E2G products. Our goal is to facilitate upgrades and conversions, quickly answer your questions, and help you benefit from our state-of-the-art software products.


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