For Owner/Operators, adequately designed, installed, and maintained pressure relieving systems (and their documentation) should be a critical part of a mechanical integrity program. Good engineering practices stress that a relief device integrity program be established.

This program should document the relief system design basis, manage changes as they affect the PRD (Pressure Relief Device) installations, and provide an optimized inspection plan for testing and overhauling relief devices. Documentation should include calculations based on generally accepted good engineering practices and industry standards.

E2G|The Equity Engineering Group, Inc. Can Address These Needs & Concerns by Providing the Following Solutions:

  • Evaluate Owner/Operator relief device integrity program for conformity with latest guidelines and generally accepted good engineering practice (OSHA 1910.119)
  • Review Owner/Operator pressure relief device standards for current compliance with DOT, ASME, and API requirements and/or guidelines
  • Perform or review calculations based on ASME/API requirements and guidelines, including PRD sizing and installation assessment (inlet/outlet pipe sizing and routing)
  • Assess existing surge analysis for pipelines or perform new analysis, as required
  • Develop a database platform to collect, store, and maintain project data, including a comprehensive record of existing PRDs
  • Execute Relief RBI (Risk-Based Inspection) assessment to determine intervals for servicing each PRD
  • Provide project management services to deliver a complete package of supporting documentation and an RBI inspection plan

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