E2G can perform third-party audits of pressure relieving systems (new designs or revalidations) to ensure that quality and consistency are maintained, and that industry standards and the Client’s design philosophy are adhered to by all contractors and engineers performing the various tasks involved, including design calculations. If desired, E2G can serve as the relief systems technical authority and will be an integral part of the project team.

E2G has developed a work process that has proven to be successful when providing third-party auditing functions for clients.

Our work process, shown in the above image positions E2G subject matter experts between our clients and contractors performing calculations to ensure a quality result. Involvement for E2G may include the following tasks:

  • Review Design Basis documents and calculation techniques for conformance with industry standards and RAGAGEP
  • Attendance at Scenario Review meetings to assure a comprehensive calculation basis
  • Consultation on the use of ASME Section VIII, UG-140 in lieu of PRD installations
  • Consulting support regarding API interpretations and industry best practices
  • Auditing relief device calculations for accuracy, consistency, and proper documentation verification; and providing feedback with the goal of improving overall quality
  • Review of mitigation strategies as appropriate for the deficiencies found
  • Assistance in risk assessment procedures for deficient installations

The above tasks require extensive knowledge of the mechanical design of the various pressure relieving devices, process unit operations, fluid dynamics (liquid, vapor, and 2-phase), and a working familiarity with the latest industrial pressure relief guidelines and standards. E2G personnel have the required experience in these areas to provide proficient and reliable consulting regarding relief device applications.

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