Mechanical Integrity Programs

Increasingly, plants are finding that Mechanical Integrity (MI) programs are not only a compliance issue (where regulated), but also good business – resulting in improved safety, improved reliability and improved environmental protection. The purpose of an MI program is to ensure that equipment containing hazardous substances are constructed, purchased, installed, operated, and maintained in such a manner to prevent loss of containment and loss of structural stability and to improve safety and reliability.

Mechanical Integrity Gap Assessments

The E2G MI gap assessment process evaluates the current state of the MI program at your facility (refinery, petrochemical, mid-stream or upstream). E2G uses a proprietary tool, GA-PASS™, for gathering MI information and tracking gap findings, recommendations for mitigating findings, recommendations for continuous improvements and performance against industry best practice. E2G can also use the GA-PASS database to document your previous MI assessments; then going forward, to evaluate improvements in your MI program. Our MI gap assessments can include a review of the facility’s Special Emphasis MI (SEMI) programs such as CUI, Small Bore Piping and Deadlegs. E2G’s gap assessments provide a comprehensive evaluation of MI that focuses not only on fixed equipment and piping, but also other critical equipment and systems such as pressure relief systems, instruments and controls, rotating equipment and emergency shutdown systems. All of these are part of the OSHA PSM/MI regulation.

E2G’s gap assessments can also focus on specific equipment, such as storage tanks or heat exchangers. Terminal-Wise™ is a gap assessment process that focuses on the equipment and MI issues specific to storage terminals and tank farms. It can be a valuable tool for both regulated and un-regulated sites.

E2G has also developed a gap and risk assessment process for your facility’s critical structures, such as tower foundations, pipe racks and other structures supporting critical equipment. Please click here for more information on our Structural Integrity (SI) services.

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Mechanical Integrity Program Improvements

When a gap assessment identifies the need for improvements or changes to the MI processes at a facility, E2G can provide a number of consulting services and products to close these gaps. For instance:

  • E2G’s Mechanical Engineering (ME) group can perform Suitability-for-Service (SFS) assessments of undocumented equipment. The ME group can also help you with your Brittle Fracture (BF) assessments.
  • E2G’s Materials & Corrosion (M&C) group can develop Corrosion Control Documents (CCDs) and Integrity Operating Windows (IOWs); the M&C group can also help you with your Damage Mechanism Reviews (DMRs)
  • E2G’s can provide a Training Curriculum to enhance the MI program at your facility; and E2G’s Engineering Practices can provide your facility best practices in the area of design, construction, inspection and maintenance of plant equipment, as well as specific practices on MI and SEMI.

Site-Wide Gap Assessment

  • Review/assess documentation, inspection, testing, and maintenance program on a site-wide level.
  • Typically consists of a 3-5 day site visit by a small team of SMEs and/or inspection specialists.
  • Following review, solutions are presented for any MI gaps identified, ultimately delivering a clear path forward.

Focused Assessment

  • Gap assessments focused on specific areas, either recommended by E2G or areas requested by client.
  • Examples include:
    • Specific equipment (tanks, HXs, critical valves)
    • Specific processes (HF Alkylation, REACs, fired heaters)
    • Specific Damage Mechanisms (HTHA, sulfidation, creep, stress corrosion cracking programs)
    • Special emphasis progams (CUI, injection/mix points and dead legs, piping vibration, small-bore piping)
    • Analysis of handling of equipment deficiencies (failure analysis, FFS, repair)

    Download Mechanical Integrity Compliance Brochure

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