Welding is an essential process that is used to modify or repair vessels and piping in the oil and gas industries. E2G’s Welding Engineers can review current company welding procedures and provide general repair guidance to ensure the construction of high-quality welds that are compliant with industry standards.

We have the knowledge and understanding based on industry experience to quickly assess your welding concerns. We have engineers that are agile and forward-thinking to deliver solutions that anticipate our clients’ future challenges.

Repair welding can present special concerns that are not an issue during fabrication welding. E2G can assist with the following:

  • Weld solidification and liquation cracking
  • Preheat/PWHT limitations
  • Weld corrosion (SCC)
  • Welding of in-service pipelines (see HotTap Assessments)
  • Weld residual stress and distortion
  • Dissimilar materials welding
  • Cladding/buttering requirements

Weld repair guidance from E2G can provide:

  • Welding procedure review
  • Materials/filler electrode requirements
  • Preheat/interpass/PWHT requirements
  • Weldability concerns
  • Welding metallurgy commentary
  • Inspection recommendations
  • Technical advice on welding and fabrication
  • On-site failure investigation
  • Cleaning/preparation
  • Failure analysis/root cause investigation

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