E2G has performed hundreds of Omega Creep Tests to justify continued operation of tubes past their API RP 530 100,000-hour design life or determined to be near end-of-life based on operating data history.

E2G has used Omega testing for piping systems and pressure vessels where distortion from lack of support has been observed, or where a piping stress analysis and creep model have predicted creep damage.

A full heater retube can often be the critical path item at a turnaround or may extend an outage. Omega testing can optimize the replacement schedule for high-temperature equipment.

Benefits of Omega Creep Testing with E2G:

  • Identify a remaining tube life when limited historical operational data exists (non-functioning or poorly-place thermocouples).
  • Measure the effect of hot spots and design metal temperature exceedances.
  • Pair Omega testing with infrared data analysis to provide an overall picture of furnace remaining life.
  • E2G can apply Omega creep testing to any material.
    • All standard materials of construction in API RP 530 and 579, as well as HP-modified and HP-microalloy cast tubes
    • Ethylene Cracker Tube Materials, including 35-45-Nb
    • Custom or specialty materials
  • Each Omega creep project is paired with a detailed metallurgical assessment and inspection history review.
  • Combine creep test results with deterministic (remaining life) and probabilistic (time-dependent probability of failure) analyses.

E2G Creep Testing

  • E2G’s Omega test protocol can provide remaining life after 500 hours of testing.
  • Expedited testing schedule available to meet tight deadlines.
  • Past temperature and pressure (stress) data is helpful but not required.
  • Customizable testing to fit your needs.
  • Circumferential (hoop) or longitudinal (axial) orientation.
  • Jumbo specimens to measure accurate material properties on thick sections.
  • Cross-weld samples for piping and vessels.
  • Remaining creep life is coupled with tube temperature IOW recommendations.

Download Omega Creep Testing Brochure

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