Welding Engineering and Expert Metallurgical Support for Critical Hot Tap Assessments

A company’s level of comfort with in-service welding (hot taps) can span a wide range.

Some regard hot taps as routine maintenance, while others see them as a last resort alternative to a costly shutdown. Failed hot tap attachments can carry an extremely high consequence of failure depending on the fluid conditions. Even for companies with a positive track record of successful experience with hot taps, high-risk scenarios exist:

  • Thin-wall lines below the minimum thickness in API 2201 or a company-specific guidance
  • High-temperature lines, even with moderate thickness, where burn-through is a risk
    • Cold or cryogenic lines, fast-flowing liquid lines, or stagnant lines
  • Lines with multiple phase flow
  • Service-related issues
    • Contaminated services such as flare lines
    • Lines in sour, hydrogen, or other aggressive service
    • Gasses that thermally decompose at high temperatures
  • Connections where preliminary modelling or risk assessment has identified a high risk

Let E2G’s experts in Welding Engineering and Metallurgy assist by:

  • Evaluating the high-risk scenarios on a case-by-case basis
  • Developing special guidance for preparation including washout/flush process for contaminated services
  • Performing detailed modelling including sensitivity analysis for changes in fluid conditions
  • Addressing specific application risks, including fluid decomposition and unintended chemical reactions
  • Recommending modified welding parameters and techniques
  • Developing specific inspection recommendations
  • Interfacing directly with welding firm or construction contractor
  • Calculating mechanical loads and design for loading on the existing piping system during and after the hot tap connection

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