Fired heater tubes are often a mix of various metallurgies and partial section replacement – E2G will logically group tubes for analysis

Determining Heater Tube Replacement Timelines can be a multi-million dollar decision, complicated by heater-specific history, material, and service. E2G’s Materials & Corrosion Subject Matter Experts have the high-temperature knowledge needed to confidently assess remaining equipment life with many complicating factors.

If an alloy has no creep properties published in API 579 – E2G will find data and develop Custom Omega properties.

  • E2G can leverage a comprehensive creep data base for many alloys, including HP-modified, HP-microalloy, 35-45-Nb, as well as supplier-specific data for these special cast austenitic alloys.
  • E2G can create custom omega properties for your company to use in future creep calculations.
  • E2G can create allowable stresses above the current code temperature limits for most materials.

If tube metal temperature is unknown, E2G can approximate maximum metal temperature using flux-based heat transfer calculations.

  • E2G has developed a method for flux-based calculations coupled with IR scans that allows us to approximate the maximum metal temperature throughout difference regions of a furnace and assess remaining life.

If limited operational and thickness data exists on a heater, E2G can provide probabilistic remaining life.

  • Time-dependent probability of failure can be established

E2G has extensive experience with “box” or cabin-style heaters, “hip” section tube complications, steam-methane reformers (cylindrical and box-type), including pigtails, Arbor (wicket) style tubes, and many other applications.

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