E2G | The Equity Engineering Group, Inc. Developed JoinTech to Provide a Total Solution to the “Unsolvable” Joint Leakage Problems:

  • Plant Joint Assembly & QA Procedures
  • Plant Joint Integrity (100% Leak-Free) Program
  • Gasket and Bolt-Load Selection
  • Third-Party Review of Joint Leakage Solutions or Assembly Procedures
  • On-Site Support of Joint Integrity Program
  • Full Joint Life-Cycle Training for all Levels of Plant Personnel
  • Quick-Turnaround Leakage Solutions

Today’s technology makes it possible for every joint to be sealed permanently. No one should accept the lost dollars from joint leakage or assembly procedures as normal operating cost. Most standard solutions don’t consider the “total joint” when assessing problems, providing only assembly-focused, gasket-focused, or analysis-focused solutions.

The JoinTech Solution Incorporates Knowledge in All Areas Required to Effectively Identify the Root Cause of a Leakage Problem:

  • Actual gasket behavior and modes of failure
  • Effects of temperature on gasket, bolts, and operational loads
  • Real-world assembly procedures, methods, and parameters
  • Advanced analysis methods, including FEA with advanced gasket properties

Compared to Competitors, Who Offer “Black Box” Consulting Solutions, JoinTech Offers:

  • The correct solution for the root cause, first time, every time – no plant-based experimentation or wasting of maintenance budget
  • A proven track record in solving difficult joint leakage problems
  • Consideration of all components and the full joint life-cycle to determine the root cause and optimal solution
  • A link between the highly technical and practical, incorporating both to achieve an effective solution
  • Extensive reality-based testing – knowledge of current test procedure limits and how to apply their results
  • Knowledge of gasket-type performance as well as performance differences between gasket manufacturers
  • Extensive testing and implementation of assembly procedures and lubricants – practical advice on what to use and where
  • IntelliJoint software designed specifically for operating plants – providing seamless interface between engineering, maintenance and joint assembly

With the JoinTech Solution and IntelliJoint Software, E2G Experts Will Show You How to:

  • Achieve “100% Leak-Free” status
  • Improve personnel safety
  • Receive EPA credits
  • Eliminate costly leak-sealing/joint clamping operations
  • Keep your plant running smoothly

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