Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

Similar to using modeling structures with finite element analysis (FEA) to understand physical responses to loads, CFD can be used to better understand fluid flows.

  • Refining heat transfer characteristics
  • Investigating turbulence effects
  • Mix point evaluations

Dynamic Analysis

A better understanding of the responses of structures to dynamic loads is required to solve a host of engineering problems:

  • Response of a structure in response to a blast or overpressure event
  • Effect of sloshing liquids with in a tank
  • Extreme loading design conditions, typical for offshore equipment
  • Response to seismic events

Evaluation of Crack-like Flaws

There are many damage mechanisms that result in the development of crack-like flaws in structures, from environmental mechanisms like wet H2S to mechanical mechanisms like fatigue. E2G has extensive ability and experience providing evaluation of cracking using API 579 tools or through directly simulation of the damage within finite element models.

Weld Residual Stress (WRS)

Understanding the residual stresses associated with welds in pressure vessels, piping, and other structures is an essential part of designing reliable equipment in the petrochemical, chemical, and nuclear industries, among others. In recent years the evolution of parallel computing technology, and overall improvements in computer performance have made detailed computational weld residual stress analysis feasible. Furthermore, recent enhancements of commercial finite element software programs have enabled the implementation of complex weld simulation techniques.

Recently, E2G published a comprehensive book [1] through the Welding Research Council, Inc. relating to a recent investigation into the current (2007 Edition) API 579-1/ASME FFS-1 Fitness-For-Service (API-579) [2] guidance pertaining to weld residual stresses (WRS).

Method of Analysis

  • Thermal modeling and heat input
  • Material hardening model (isotropic, kinematic, combined)
  • Annealing and introduction of weld material
  • Verification and validation

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