Managing the Entire Lifecycle

Lifecycle Management is defined as the process of managing the entire lifecycle of fixed pressurized equipment including new construction, in-service use, repair if required, and retirement. The key elements of the LCM framework are Damage Mechanism Identification, Construction codes and standards, in service inspection codes, FFS Standard, and Post Construction & Repair guidelines.

The benefits of implementing a LCM system are improved safety & risk reduction, optimization of construction, management of future maintenance and inspection costs, maximization of equipment availability, and regulatory compliance.

Lifecycle Management Breakdown

Consulting Services Include:

Advanced Analysis

Understand, evaluate, and address complex in-service equipment issues by combining E2G’s extensive knowledge of codes and standards with advanced technology.


Determine infrastructure and equipment integrity to reduce risk of failure, increase operational safety, and improve business continuity.

Materials & Corrosion

Identify and understand potential damage mechanisms that may cause equipment failure or create adverse operating or maintenance issues.

Pressure Relief & Process Design

Assure that safety critical pressure relieving systems provide adequate protection to processes and meet the latest RAGAGEP requirements.

Risk-Based Inspection

Refocus maintenance dollars to the most needed areas by using risk as a basis for prioritizing and managing in-service inspection programs for pressure vessels, PRDs, piping and bundles.

Rotating Equipment, Vibration, & Dynamics

Identify the highest-risk piping systems, prioritize field screening, and decrease the risk of vibration fatigue failures with a comprehensive vibration risk assessment.

Mechanical Integrity

Achieve safe, efficient, and reliable operations by implementing both proactive and reactive mechanical integrity strategies that address every stage of an asset’s lifecycle.


Achieve more effective inspections by using a selective corrosion rate analysis methodology to analyze and identify trends in equipment thickness data.

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