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The Importance of Pre-Turnaround Reviews

Authors: Paul J. Kowalski, Staff Engineer I and Brian L. Jack, Principal Engineer II

Efficient completion of the turnaround (TA) work scope (i.e., scheduled maintenance) is arguably one of the largest factors in determining if a given site will satisfy the annual budget. Of course, opportunity feedstocks, increased charge rates, unplanned shutdowns, among many other items can significantly impact the annual budget.

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Turnarounds: Executing a Problem-Solving Team

Author: Kraig S. Shipley, P.E., Piping & Fired Heaters Principal Engineer I

Did you know 66% of turnarounds (TAs) finish late and overrun budget by 10% or more? In fact, 40% of TAs exceed budget by 30% or more, costing facilities tens of millions of dollars. There are several key strategies to the execution of a successful TA such as project scope management, minimizing schedule delays, controlling costs, and transparent communication.

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