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No Documentation, No Problem. OSHA Compliance is Still Feasible.

Author: Brian R. Macejko, Group Head Consulting Engineer II

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires owner-operators to maintain essential documentation authenticating adequate design and maintenance of pressure vessels and storage tanks. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon to find equipment operating in industry with minimal or no documentation.

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The Importance of Pre-Turnaround Reviews

Authors: Paul J. Kowalski, Staff Engineer I and Brian L. Jack, Principal Engineer II

Efficient completion of the turnaround (TA) work scope (i.e., scheduled maintenance) is arguably one of the largest factors in determining if a given site will satisfy the annual budget. Of course, opportunity feedstocks, increased charge rates, unplanned shutdowns, among many other items can significantly impact the annual budget.

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Turnarounds: Executing a Problem-Solving Team

Author: Kraig S. Shipley, P.E., Piping & Fired Heaters Principal Engineer I

Did you know 66% of turnarounds (TAs) finish late and overrun budget by 10% or more? In fact, 40% of TAs exceed budget by 30% or more, costing facilities tens of millions of dollars. There are several key strategies to the execution of a successful TA such as project scope management, minimizing schedule delays, controlling costs, and transparent communication.

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