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Special Emphasis Areas in a Mechanical Integrity Program

Author: Joel L. Andreani, P.E., Senior Vice President of Consulting Engineering, Principal Engineer II

Mechanical integrity (MI) programs are an essential aspect for the safe and reliable operation of processing facilities. In this article, Joel Andreani investigates the Special Emphasis Mechanical Integrity (SEMI) programs, which are an important subset of an MI program.

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The Importance of Pre-Turnaround Reviews

Authors: Paul J. Kowalski, Staff Engineer I and Brian L. Jack, Principal Engineer II

Efficient completion of the turnaround (TA) work scope (i.e., scheduled maintenance) is arguably one of the largest factors in determining if a given site will satisfy the annual budget. Of course, opportunity feedstocks, increased charge rates, unplanned shutdowns, among many other items can significantly impact the annual budget.

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