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Educating the Next Generation — Training SMEs

Authors: Mark Harmody and Joel Andreani, P.E.

With the baby boomers making up the largest portion of today’s workforce, it’s time to implement a corporate knowledge sharing program. E2G has developed a training program for our engineers and our clients that is devoted to mechanical integrity programs and centered around our Lifecycle management philosophy. In this article, Mark Harmody discusses the curriculum, and how we apply the program at E2G.

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Special Emphasis Areas in a Mechanical Integrity Program

Author: Joel L. Andreani, P.E., Senior Vice President of Consulting Engineering, Principal Engineer II

Mechanical integrity (MI) programs are an essential aspect for the safe and reliable operation of processing facilities. In this article, Joel Andreani investigates the Special Emphasis Mechanical Integrity (SEMI) programs, which are an important subset of an MI program.

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Q&A: Structural Integrity Programs

Authors: Joel Andreani, Senior Vice President of Consulting Engineering, Principal Engineer II and Derek Slovenec, Senior Engineer I

Deteriorating structures, foundations, and other infrastructure cost U.S. businesses billions of dollars per year.

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Evaluating a Tank Fixed Roof Structural Failure

Author: Derek Slovenec, Ph.D., Senior Engineer I

Aboveground storage tanks are susceptible to damage from many factors, including (but not limited to) environmental loads, process upset conditions, strength reduction due to metal loss, tank settlement, or some combination thereof.

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