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You are invited behind the scenes of E2G | The Equity Engineering Group’s software product experience. We believe it’s experts like you who help shape the future of our products. You have an opportunity to improve E2G’s products by providing feedback before features ship.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A: At E2G, we live and breathe customer feedback. We like to collect feedback and information in multiple ways. Being involved in our panel will provide the opportunity to work with us collaboratively throughout our development process. Below are some typical user research studies you could be involved in:

  • Online surveys: Collecting your thoughts and insight through an online survey/li>
  • Interviews: Speaking with you to better understand your roles and responsibilities
  • Usability Testing: Working with a prototype or design to test if you can successfully complete tasks or scenarios
  • Focus Group Studies: You would be part of a small group forum to share your thoughts and experience
  • Field Studies/Observation: Visiting you for observation and discussion to understand your roles and responsibilities

A: As a member of our User Research Panel, you will be contacted when a research opportunity arises that matches your background and interests. We'll ask you to share your ideas and review our designs to ensure we are delivering an intuitive and efficient experience. While there is no guarantee that the concepts you work on with us will be reflected in the software, we can assure you that your feedback will go a long way toward helping us shape the future of E2G technology.

A: By signing up to be on the User Research Panel, you will be added to our private participant database. Your contact information will not be used for any purposes except to notify you of research studies. Entry into the User Research Panel does not guarantee participation in our research studies. You may not hear from us right away but don’t worry. We'll contact you when a research opportunity comes up that matches your background and interests.

A: We will contact you depending on how often studies occur and which types of users we are looking for. You can participate as often or as little as you’d like.

A: Email your requests to UX Panel and we will update your information.