CorrSolutions provides Corrosion, Inspection & Materials Engineering services to the Refining and Petrochemical Industries.

Our areas of specialty include analysis of equipment inspection data, development and implementation of fixed equipment inspection programs, and turnaround engineering support for internal inspections, repairs, and reliability projections.

We are sole developers of the patented Selective Corrosion Rate Analysis technique for advanced statistical validation, analysis and trend identification of equipment thickness data. CorrSolutions offers a unique combination of process and mechanical expertise to assess the specific effects of operating variables on equipment damage mechanisms.

Our next generation thickness analysis tool is Advanced Degradation Analysis (U.S. Patent Pending), which combines historical thickness data with related inspection program information plus inspector experience to provide better (more predictive) results than using data alone. This method results in more effective inspections, while reducing unnecessary efforts.

CorrSolutions delivers innovative, practical solutions by placing advanced tools into the hands of plant inspectors and engineers.